Details & Information

1. Bending is automatic. One easy operation bends two blades at a time. Just load the two stationary feed chutes and press the two start buttons. The rest is automatic. Blades are automatically fed into the machine and feed through the machine until bending is completed.

2. The Wave Machine is driven by a 1/8 hp gear motor through a right angle reduction gear box to a soft start rotary coupling, driving the bottom, stationary rotary cylinder.

3. A Mitsubishi programmable logic computer controls the machine.

4. The Wave Machine is safe and easy to use. Double start safety switches and safety guards cover both rotating bending cylinders.

5. All electronics are housed in an under-the-table steel electrical box. A lighted on and off start switch controls all electronics and air to the machine.

6. The wave machine is neat, compact, easy to use and of industrial quality.

7. A complete operational/maintenance manual is supplied.

Shure MFG