Shure Mfg Presents ‘The Wave Machine’

This Means Higher Quartz & Crystal Blade Tolerance For Your Slurry Saw

Shure Manufacturing (Shure Mfg) has been improving the front end manufacturing of quartz since 1984. During this time, Shure Mfg has greatly modified and improved the horizontal slurry saws used to cut quartz. Shure Mfg has pioneered the use of ball bearing slides, larger saws, as well as, faster and more accurate saws. Along with slurry saw developments, Shure Mfg has made significant improvements to X-Ray equipment in setting bars to be cut, and transfer systems to load quartz accurately into saws. These improvements have led to much better control over manufacturing and have greatly contributed to cost reductions in manufacturing.

Shure Mfg Wave Machine offers a new process for your multi blade packs. No modification to your slurry saw is necessary.

And now, Shure Mfg brings a new technology to quartz cutting that is referred to as ‘Shure True Cut’*. This is the use of modified traditional slurry saw blades used in cutting quartz or crystal with horizontal multi-blade slurry saws to improve slurry saw performance.

‘Shure Mfg True Cut’ involves traditional, straight blades (carriers) used in standard slurry saw blade packs. Most blades or carriers are .2mm (.008) wide by 6mm (.250 approx) high. A traditional or straight slurry saw blade is fed through Shure Mfg’s Wave Machine. The Wave Machine modifies each blade by bending them in a ripple fashion. The Wave Bending Machine is computer controlled. It’s safe and so easy to use!

Shure Mfg's bending of slurry saw blades adds no additional cost to the blade or multi blade pack.

By ripple bending the slurry saw blades with Shure Mfg’s Wave Machine, small pockets are formed alternating from side to side along the blade. This allows slurry to be introduced right at the actual cutting area. The slurry saw blades are, in effect, hydraulically locked up against the quartz while being cut. Slurry no longer has to come down one side or the other of the blade, like conventional slurry saw blades (which causes wedging and excessive blade wear). Wedging is common with straight, conventional slurry saw blades. With The Wave Machine’s bent, rippled blades, this wedging wear is almost completely gone. The slurry saw blades are no longer stressed on one side during vertical cutting.  The Shure Mfg’s bent (or rippled) slurry saw blades virtually eliminate curled blades resulting from conventional one-sided wear! Bent blades last approximately 40% longer and deeper cuts are possible due to longer slurry saw blade life.

The bottom line is that Shure Mfg’s Wave Machine’s bent or rippled blades allow faster quartz or crystal cutting with improved results. Improved results equal less waste and shorter down time. That means more profit to you!

Shure MFG