Features & Benefits

• Simple and easy to use

• Just load and start — auto feed & auto shut off

• Wave machine is safe due to double safety start buttons & safety guards

• Faster cutting

• Markedly improved results

• Wedging which is common in slurry saws is almost completely eliminated

• Bent blades are not overly stressed on one side due to vertical cutting — they cut straighter

• Bent blades last approximately 40% longer

• Wave blades allow deeper cuts due to less blade wear and faster cutting

• Wave Machine can bend from 6m to 12m high blades — easily changed from one size to another

• When blades are bent and tensioned in the saw, they become much more rigid with less wandering

• Bent or rippled blade shows even wear if cut is done correctly — this is a good indicator of proper cutting, pressure & speed

• The blades are hydraulically locked up against the quartz while being cut — due to blade pockets, created by The Wave Machine’s blade bending

• Slurry doesn’t have to come down the straight sides of the blades as with conventional blades which causes wedging and excessive blade wear. With bent blades, slurry is introduced to both sides of the blades.

• Bending adds no additional cost to the blade or blade pack(s).

Shure MFG