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"The Wave Machine' from Shure Mfg offers a unique slurry saw blade improvement.

Shure Mfg's Wave Machine modifies your slurry saw blades to cut twice as fast and accurately as conventional slurry saw blades. No modification to your slurry saw is necessary.

Just load the two stationary feed chutes. Your slurry saw blades are automatically fed into the machine and feed through the machine until completion.

Both start buttons must be depressed at the same time, keeping the operator’s hands safely away from the machine. Safety guards cover both bending cylinders.

Auto start to auto stop. The slurry saw blades automatically exit The Wave Machine. The designated number of blade waves desired are programmed into the computer.

Simply feed the slurry saw blades into the feed chutes. One easy operation bends two slurry saw blades at a time. Easily change blade height and thickness.

The slurry saw blades go through the The Wave Machine and are bent as exiting. Shure Mfg's Wave Machine modifies your slurry saw blades by bending them in a ripple fashion.

A Mitsubishi programmable logic computer controls the Wave Machine. You can change the amount of rotation for different length blades. The resulting Wave Machine’s bent or rippled blades allow faster quartz or crystal cutting with improved results. For more details, call Shure Mfg: 913-262-5774 OR Email:

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